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Multicare's First Nationwide CSR Program


Oct 9, 2020

Multicare's First Nationwide CSR Program

The year 2020 marked the first ever nationwide implementation of Multicare CSR program. This is the realization of the company’s commitment to give back to the community where it operates. The CSR activities were led by selected Team Leaders from different districts HR Director, Amy Adamos as the Chairperson. The budget was raised from the DOUBLE the Impact, COVID – 19 Emergency Relief Fund donations of the employees, where the total amount collected was doubled by the management. Some employees also helped by giving their support through cash and in kind donations.

The Team Leaders were tasked to engage the members of their teams in their respective Region to plan and implement the activities. The work preparation that the various teams did were truly admirable. Though limited employees were given a chance to participate in the roll out of the programs due to health and safety reasons, the teamwork, collaboration and great camaraderie were evident during the whole process from planning, preparation and program implementation making the concerted efforts of the various teams a big success.

A total of seven groups representing the National Capital Region, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao participated. The Team Leaders were composed of the District Managers, Regional Sales Manager and Officers from the office based. Our Leadership Team gave their full support through donation and attending the actual activity.

These initiatives have reinforced in every member of Lupin and Multicare community a clearer and deeper understanding of the values of integrity, compassion and teamwork. All these provide essential relevance to our work and more importantly we were able to reach and help out to others especially during these trying times.

Members from the different teams have shared their short narratives capturing their group’s journey and personal experiences in organizing and rolling out their respective CSR program/s. The intention of which is to bring out the essence or meaningful experiences that people had and which can bring us to a state of appreciation and likewise serve as an inspiration for others to do the same.

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