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Career at Multicare

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Career Overview

We are a team and everyone matters.


We attribute our growth and success to our team. Our people are the most valuable asset and one of our biggest strengths. The rich experience they bring, across varied skill-sets and backgrounds, is invaluable.


At Multicare, our employees are provided with opportunities to enhance their skills through continuous training and development programs.


As an employee of Multicare, you will work with an inspiring, approachable and visionary leadership. Our open, enabling and trust-based culture will offer you an exciting environment to work and grow.

Life @ Multicare

Build Your Career With Us As It is More Than Just A Job


Are You Looking For A Company That Can Inspire You?


Are You Looking For A Career Growth?


Are You Driven To Succeed?

At Multicare as we grow our business, we also provide our people opportunities for personal development and career growth without boundaries , an environment where employees are highly engaged, empowered and work as a team.


We care for our employees and provide them with above industry rewards and allowing them to be the best version of who they are.


At Multicare, we believe it is our job to continuously develop our people and ensure their professional growth. We are committed in maximizing the potential of every individual who joins the company.

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Normie Grimaldo.JPG

Normie Grimaldo

Medical Associate

Since I graduated college, I know that I don't want an office base work. I love to go places to travel,  meet different people everyday and to be a blessing to others. When I joined multicare last june of 2006, I knew this was it. It wasn't big  before but atleast i had the opportunity to be part of its growing up. Ever since Multicare centers at bringing value to family healthcare by providing cost effective products to its customers and as I do this on a daily basis, at the end of the day, i know i feel fulfilled because i know i became part of the solution of  one's problem, I became a blessing to them who are in need of the medicine I carry.  Now, its my 16th year of being part of Multicare, I've been to places that once I dream of visiting when I was I child, Multicare became an instrument  that my dreams came to life. It's been a beautiful journey that I intend to continue on because multicare is not just a company where I work, but a part of me, it became part of my family....

Minnie Flores.jpg

Minnie Flores

District Manager

More than 20 years in Multicare and many more good years to come. It has always been my pride and honor that I belong to Multicare who gave me an opportunity to grow my professional career and personal life all at the same time. I have been to places in and out of the country PHILS. for their appreciation of my good performances that never in my wildest dream that I can get there but they make it all in reality as the awards and rewards are all highly motivational year after year. I am fully appreciated and supported, including my family's healthcare.  Proud to work in this company!  Great place to work! Be part of a family! Be part of the Multicare family!

Thess Marcelino.png

Thess Marcelino

HR Officer

It was March 2012 when I started a new chapter of my life as Sales Admin Assistant of Pedia Respi Business Unit, a year after, handled and was part of the new Business Unit of Multicare, Oncology Line together with Pedia Respi. In 2016, moved to GDC Line, (now GPC, DRC and RRC) as Sales and Marketing Assistant. Multicare is a great place to work. Skills and experience are important, but a person’s attitude is far more significant. Such an attitude can bring about great changes that can be a great influence – also, and through it, what one can bring to the table for a sustainable growth of the team and the industry, as a whole. Job satisfaction is largely influenced by a good working relationship with others in one's division and the whole Multicare department, thus, the longevity of my stay. I believe, as long as you are doing your job enthusiastically and are consistently working hard, the management makes every effort to help you meet and advance your career goals, they are there to back you up on every endeavor. So far, the Marketing Team, provided us with every resource needed in order to be effective and successful. For me, as long as we work as ONE TEAM, as ONE FAMILY we will GROW every day, one STEP ahead than yesterday.

LJ Lamano.JPG

LJ Lamano

Business Intelligence Officer

Being part of the Multicare family is one of the best moments in my life. Here, we share the same mission as envisioned by our founder, Mr. Romy Sy - bringing value to family healthcare. As the company grows, we do too. The best thing about Multicare is its people... Hard working, passionate, simple, kind, and caring. In Multicare, we always have each other’s back. More than a quarter of my lIfe I have dedicated to Multicare - my second home and family; and that will always be.

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