Our History

We are inspired by our heritage and cherish the legacy as we move forward towards building our future

Multicare began as a division of Astra Philippines Inc. in 1998. When became an independent company in 2002 Multicare took this opportunity to serve Filipino patients with quality and affordable medicines.

A significant milestone happened in 2009 when Multicare became a part of Lupin Ltd. the company founded in 1968 by Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta — a visionary with a compelling mission to create a better world for people. DBG as he was fondly called, started the company with a dream — a dream to fight life-threatening, infectious diseases with affordable and high-quality drugs of the highest social priority. With his vision, inimitable commitment and passion, Dr. Gupta steered the organization to become one of the fastest-growing Generic pharmaceutical companies around the world.  This created a culture which is committed to creating a foundation of values.

The inspiration is at the core of the company’s ethos as it relentlessly strives to build medical solutions to meet the unmet needs of the society not just for a few but for the many across the globe.