Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Multicare Pharmaceuticals Philippines Inc., guided by a strong corporate set of values, envisions itself to be in the top 15 pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines. It shall uphold the highest standards of excellence in providing innovative and customer-focused solutions, by being an ideal and productive workplace for its empowered, motivated and purpose-driven employees, by adhering to good corporate governance and good corporate citizenship pursuing absolute integrity, honesty and ethics in all aspects of our business. Our people and our commitment to living these values consistently will be our platform for sustainable growth.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring value to family healthcare by providing quality, cost-effective products, efficient service, creative thinking and market-driven response innovations.

We are committed to providing products that bring better healthcare to patients, more value to medical professionals, greater opportunity to employees, more benefits to the community and increased earnings to reward our shareholders.

The achievement of this mission is an ongoing and a never-ending process. It requires us to respond effectively to an ever-changing environment. It requires pragmatism and dreams, courage and confidence, trust and commitment.