Corporate Values

We are committed to providing products that bring better healthcare to patients, more value to medical professionals, greater opportunity to employees and increased earnings to reward shareholders.



Fundamental to the success of the company are basic values and a set of enduring beliefs that are ingrained in the way we think and act. These values guide our choices, defining for us the right courses of action, the clearest directions and our preferred responses. These set of values are the foundation for our corporate drive to excel . . .




People — The heart of the organization

Multicare’s business is fundamentally about people and our ability to create and sustain relationships with doctors and other customers. Throughout the company, you will find a remarkable group of people – hard working, smart and very dedicated.  Yet our biggest advantage is a ceaseless desire to engage, serve and satisfy customers. This can-do attitude, combined with a management team possessing a vast amount of experience, is what positions us so well to outdo competition as we bring value to family healthcare.